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NuMorse Professional, makes Morse code history.

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This page describes NuMorse Professional and how it recreates Morse code history.

NuMorse Professional runs on PCs under all Microsoft operating systems from XP to Windows 10. Almost all machines will have sufficient speed, disk space and memory to run the program. Your PC must have a soundboard.

Curious about the way that NuMorse Pro makes Morse code history? In addition to the "perfect" code expected of any computer program, NuMorse Professional has a unique "antique code sounds" feature. Switch the feature on and listen to how the program makes Morse code history. Well...historic code sounds anyway. There are scratchy spark transmitters, clicking telegraph sounders and even simulations of the last transmissions from the Titanic that made Morse code history. That final message from the Titanic using a simulated spark transmitter sound and with fading and noise provided by NuMorse Professional is quite a spine chilling piece of Morse code history, albeit a mockup generated entirely by NuMorse Pro. Listen to it here.

Click here to download the printable NuMorse Professional, Morse code shareware user manual. You will need to unzip the file and will also need Acrobat reader to open it. Many PCs have Acrobat reader installed, if yours does not then click here to get a free copy.

The free version that you download is converted to the fully licensed version by entering a code. If you like this Morse code shareware then pay for it when you are ready and you will receive the activation code. The cost is $35.95 and payment instructions are included in the program help topics or you can simply BuyNow to get your activation code.

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If you want to know more about NuMorse Pro features then why not try the free download and explore them yourself?

The table below shows how NuMorse Pro can help you at any level of code proficiency, there are also some sound samples generated by NuMorse Pro.

Pass the 5 WPM code test with the beginners default course. The default beginners course uses an ingenious system of mnemonics, or soundalikes, to help you memorize the pattern of each character and relate it to the alphabetic or numeric meaning. Click here to hear what an early lesson would sound like. The letters being sent are E N T in random sequence. The 'dit' sound is an E, the 'dah' sound is a T and the 'Dah-Dit' sound is the N.
Beginners Koch course, another way to get a pass grade in the test. This course uses a method pioneered by Ludwig Koch in the 1930's. You start off with just a few characters and then add more until you know them all. In the Koch course you do all of this at your final target speed. Click here for a sample of an early lesson using the Koch method with a target text speed of 6 wpm. Two letters are being sent at random, they are E and T.
Intermediate level. Go beyond the basics and consolidate what you learn in the courses. If you need to brush up your code skills then there is a whole set of features to help. For example, drill mode will point out your mistakes as you copy code and also compile comprehensive statistics on your performance to help motivate you. You can choose to play code from your own text files or use one of the internal code sources such as the random letter, QSO or callsign generator. Click here for some code sent by NuMorse at about 12 WPM. For this sample NuMorse was set to output speech phonetics as well as the code sounds of the letters.
Advanced level, turbocharged code. NuMorse will send code at up to 48 WPM. There are sending modes that constantly monitor your typed responses and adjust speed depending on your errors while giving real-time visual feedback. This mode can be a challenge but it does hone your receiving skills very quickly, click here to hear some high speed code from NuMorse Professional.
International level. By default NuMorse Professional is U.S. based. However, there are several features that allow you to customize the code and displayed characters to your own requirements. Similarly, the built-in callsign generator can be programmed to generate callsigns based on none-US rules. Click here to download a zipped pdf file that shows how it can be set up for the Canadian call sign system. You will need the free Acrobat reader to read this file.
Honing your skills
As well as the built-in code sources NuMorse Professional can play ordinary text files as code. It is supplied with a comprehensive library of useful text files but you can also write your own using Notepad or download them from thousands of online sources. For example, callsign database files on the supercheckpartial site make excellent US and international callsign practice sources. Just download and change the filename prefixes from .scp to .txt to make them usable by NuMorse Professional.

Just for fun.
There is the "Antique sound" feature where NuMorse can be made to sound like the spark transmitters of the pioneering days of radio. Simulated interference and signal fading can also be introduced to give a real radio effect. Click here to hear a faint desperate message from the past as Morse code history is recreated. Brought to you by NuMorse Professional, complete with static and fading. Several other code sounds are available or you could invent your own.


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